Top Naturopathic Migraine Remedies


This week, we continue on the migraine train with my top naturopathic remedies for migraine headaches. Ironically, I write this with a headache I confidently classify as a migraine (lasting 4-72 hours, one-sided, pulsating, moderately painful, and with nausea). I typically begin with Mg in clinic (I’m going to start myself after writing this) because half of us are deficient and there are so many benefits. I also want to highlight that intravenous magnesium can immediately provide relief in some people and this is a treatment that I offer.


The importance of Mg in the development of migraines headaches is clearly established by many studies.There are various migraine related receptors and brain chemicals that require Mg to function properly. Evidence shows that up to half of migraine sufferers have lowered Mg levels during an acute migraine attack. Infusion of Mg during these acute attacks provides immediate relief. Chronic supplementation has also been shown to decrease the amount of headaches experienced in a month (1).

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CoQ10 is needed for a cell to make energy. It is safe, well tolerated, and shown to be more effective than placebo in reducing migraine frequency, headache days, and days with nausea (3).

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Riboflavin (vitamin B2)

This B vitamin can significantly reduce migraine frequency and when taken in large doses for three - four months (5). Riboflavin is needed for cellular mitochondria to make energy (similar mechanism to CoQ10).

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Hormonal Considerations

A decline in estrogen is an important factor in triggering migraine headaches in women and happens in various ways (4). Each month there is a decline in estrogen right before we get our periods, and also postpartum. This also occurs during scheduled hormone withdrawal such that occurs with hormone replacement therapy and contraception. Lastly, estrogen withdrawal can occur accidentally with a missed dose. There is evidence supporting the use of hormones, particularly for those who experience menstrual related migraine headaches (6).

Herbal Considerations

Petasites hybridus root (butterbur) is an effective preventive treatment for migraine. 75 mg dosed twice daily is more effective than placebo and is well tolerated as a preventive therapy for migraine (7).

Tanacetum parthenium L. (feverfew), is also widely used and some studies have shown it to be safe and possibly effective for migraine prevention (8).

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