Working up Fibromyalgia


Are you one of the 6 million females (9/10 are women) who have been told that “You have fibromyalgia (FM)”?  Have you been to a handful of doctors, presenting with a myriad of symptoms, and have had multiple tests run; yet no one can find anything wrong?

This week I’m excited to share with you a special approach towards addressing fibromyalgia; I learned this approach from Dr. Ron at the Riordan clinic who has successfully treated hundreds of fibromyalgia patients.  

My approach with FM (learned from Riordan) is to identify and treat the REAL underlying cause, given your unique genetic and biochemical ancestry and make-up. Included is a work-up of your dietary, nutritional, infectious, toxicological, and hormonal imbalances supporting disease. The Riordan clinic refers to FM as A SUSTAINED SICKNESS SYNDROME with MANY causes, not just one.


  1. Immunity/Infection: underlying infection can fuel the pathological fire. If your immune system is busy working to ward off infection, over time, this leaves you more susceptible to immune system haywire.Infections to evaluate for include: Epstein barr, cytomegalovirus, lyme, candida, urinary tract, tooth abscess, sinus injection, and more.

  2. Digestive disorders can also contribute to the FM disease process. Evaluation and treatment for symptoms like GERD, IBS, constipation, leaky gut, etc. is foundational to FM care.

  3. Emotional issues: PTSD, addiction, toxic emotions, bad attitudes, anxiety, depression, etc. can all be detrimental and contribute to the adrenal OVERLOAD.

  4. Nutrients are foundational for a healthy body and deficiencies common.

  5. Deficiencies: sleep, relaxation, finances, water, love, respect, alone time, fun, freedom, power, etc.

  6. Toxins: mercury and other heavy metals, plastics, unregulated prescription meds, relationships, etc. all can disrupt your endocrine function.

  7. Inflammation gives rise to many disease; often starting with a leaky gut and compounded by SAD diet deficient in omega-3 fatty acids.

  8. Food is FOUNDATIONAL. Identify and remove foods that you are sensitive to, remove packaged foods, eat throughout the day and in a relaxed manner, etc.

  9. YOU. We are often part of this disease process, “I choose, right now, to be healthy.”

  10. Thyroid disease can resemble that of FM. The thyroid affects every cell and every organ of the body. Dr. Lowe, author of The Metabolic Treatment of Fibromyalgia, reports that 89% of FM patients have thyroid deficiency and/or resistance to thyroid hormone.

  11. Hypoglycemia and symptoms low blood sugar are very similar to both low thyroid and FM.

  12. Endocrine:  estrogen dominance is commonly found in FM and can be balanced with progesterone when appropriate.

  13. Candida is an opportunistic fungal injection that can show up with excessive antibiotic use, steroids, sugar, excess estrogen, etc.

  14. Adrenal dysregulation occurs with excess stress and will contribute to the disease process.

  15. Under-activity of the mitochondria. Mitochondria are the energy factories of each and every cell; concentrated highest in the heart and muscles.

  16. Stress: if you are stressed, you are ill, and if you are ill, you are stressed; furthering adrenal dysfunction.

  17. Environment: family, fresh food, quality of housing, support system, sunshine, sleep, fresh air, HOPE

  18. Structural issues: massage, chiropractic, yoga, stretching, spiritual strength and purpose.

Thanks for reading and pass this on to those who could benefit. I love practicing this medicine and would be honored to work with you or your loved one suffering from FM.