How's Your Memory?


Memory loss and brain fog can be a sign of brain deterioration and is NOT a part of the normal aging process. Noam Chomsky just turned 90 years old and continues to teach at MIT and continues with his political activism. This week I discuss a couple foundational aspects to a healthy brain.

Balance your blood sugar – Whether you experience high or low blood sugar, or maybe even a swing between the two, healthy blood sugar is foundational for mental acuity. Glucose (aka sugar) is the brain’s preferred fuel source. When there is not enough glucose getting to the brain, the brain will not function as well and can even deteriorate (1).  We have all experienced the feelings of low blood sugar; we become lightheaded, spacey, and cannot concentration. When blood sugars are too high for too long, we become insulin resistant. The effects of too much sugar and insulin floating around in our blood can cause a slew of problems like inflammation, hormone imbalance, neurotransmitter imbalance, and brain deterioration (2).  

Blood sugar issues can result from irregular eating patterns and a diet that is too high in carbohydrates like sweets, sugars, sodas, pastries, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, corn, grains, beans, and other starchy foods. Eat small meals consisting of vegetables and proteins frequently throughout the day to support healthy blood glucose metabolism. Also, have your blood sugar evaluated! I evaluate pathological blood sugar metabolism ALL THE TIME in my practice and I have a slew of nutrients and botanicals I employ to help (along with diet and exercise of course!).

Keep your brain oxygenated  - Factors that can compromise flow are anemia, cardiovascular function, too high or too low blood pressure, disease that affect the endothelium (like diabetes) and poor lung function (ie COPD) just to name a few. Our brains require oxygen to survive. Circulation carries blood, and blood carries nutrients, hormones, glucose and oxygen necessary for proper brain function. Body signs of improper circulation include: cold hands and feet, chronic toenail fungus, and weak nails with white spots.

Exercise is SO IMPORTANT for circulation. Exercise leads to the production of endothelial nitric oxide (eNOS). It dilates blood vessels and improves circulation (3).  It’s effects last long after you exercise which is one reason why so many people find their brain functions better after exercise. The harder and longer your push yourself, the greater the eNOS response (exercise (pun intended) good judgment in regards to what is good for your body here). Again, there are a slew of nutrients and botanicals that I employ to help oxygenate the brain in addition to exercise.  

Brain Fog and brain degeneration can be a product of your lifestyle and environmental choices. Blood sugar balancing and oxygenation are two ways you can support healthy brain aging.  HERE is where you can schedule an appointment with me for individualized and comprehensive plans.  





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