Why Do I Get Facials?

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Facials, PRP and microneedling, are an essential part of my skin care equation!  You’ve heard me talk about PRP and microneedling but facials are an integral part of my skin care routine and I regularly recommend them.

Stacey Anderson with Wholeness Face and Body is the best esthetician I’ve ever had.

I highly highly,  highly, highly recommend her!

Now… you may be thinking, “how can some facial massage and slathering products all over me have any sort of impact on my skin?”  Well, I’m not talking facial massage and lotions, my friends, I’m talking professional grade exfoliation, extraction of pores, and chemical peels. After a GOOD facial, my skin is radiating, rejuvenated, and clear.  

This week, I’ll share key components for a ‘doctor approved’ facial. I recommend finding a properly trained, experienced esthetician that uses a clean space, organic products, and employing hygienic practices.


This may sound wild, but extractions are my favorite part of a facial and the most needed with my skin type. Our skin is dense with hair follicles or pores. These follicles become clogged (aka comedone). Skin debris and oil builds up and block these follicles, causing open blackheads or closed whiteheads. Acne occurs when whiteheads (closed comedones) become infected. Comedone extraction provides immediate benefit, however there is risk of incomplete extraction and tissue damage (1).  This is why it is important to find a professionally trained esthetician. For those of you with premenstrual acne, best results are obtained when you extract during ovulation of your menses, or days 12-14 of your cycle (2).  

Microdermabrasion or Exfoliation

This is a non-chemical, superficial resurfacing procedure that removes the stratum corneum, or the outer-most layer of the skin. Think of this as a gentle ‘sander’ on your skin that evens out the skin. It is a safe and easy technique that, in most cases, results in mild to moderate improvement for the treatment of light scarring, discoloration, sun damage, and stretch marks (3).  Microdermabrasion can also help thicken you collagen, resulting in a younger complexion (4).

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are acid solutions applied to the skin. They’re used to create an injury of a specific skin depth with the goal of stimulating new skin growth and improving surface texture and appearance. This treatment stimulates new skin growth and collagen with a more even distribution of the pigment cells (melanin). I personally use a light chemical peel with each facial I get. It’s a bit uncomfortable but the results are undeniable.

For the ultimate skin care regimen, employ various strategies. First off, get your initial three sessions of platelet rich plasma therapy for skin rejuvenation and collagen production. This, interspersed with quarterly facials either with microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and microneedling treatments will leave your skin clear, healthy, and plump with collagen.


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